What is CE Marking ?

CE has been a certification mark on the products related to health, safety, and environment. Its origin is from Europe. In Europe, there is a quality regulating authority within EEA (European Economic Area) which authenticates the quality of their listed products. EEA includes European countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. It is considered to be the EEA single market. CE stands for “Conformite Europeenne.” Its literal meaning is European Conformity. At the time of origin, it was EC Mark but was changed to CE Mark in 1993. Even the products which are exported to EEA by other countries can have CE Marking for it confirms the EEA standard as made mandatory by EEA.

CE Mark Certification Service
The logo has a value of a standard. To match with the changing trends of different products and make it more competitive, the CE technical experts work hard to maintain the standard of CE Marked products. They become the advisories to the manufacturers. CE is a standard of international standard. So many products are also sold outside EEA.

CE Logo Vector
You may download CE logo vector free of cost for the use of your products with proper permission from the copyright, whom you have to give an undertaking as per their requirement under the law. To download the same without adequate mission is a punishable act under the international law.

CE Marking ISO Certification Services
CE Marking is one of the standards brought forth by EEA and permits the manufacturers to use the mark for the standard.

ISO certification is an international non-governmental organization. It is an independent quality management system with some standard. If a product is approved and certified by some reputed organization, it adds to the trust and value of a product.

Certifications are not necessary or mandatory, but it makes a product of minimum standard which gives a product a trust.

CE Marking of electronic and electrical equipment
For quality, safety and non-health hazardous, the European Commission came up with a harmonized conformity with the EU EMC. The EC made CE marking mandatory for the products of electronic and electrical equipment to be sold in EEA. This made a particular standard of the above equipment which can be least harmful to the mankind or the users.

  • CE Marking Certification
  • Company Address proof
  • Authorized person ID Proof
  • One sale bill or purchase bill
  • Product technical Specification
  • Product Design sheet