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Grow Your Business Using Data Extract Tools

This powerful web application extracts details like Name, Address, Phone Number, Website, it provides all information which are public by user.

To extract information from Website, Manually by copy pasting could be both time taking and require huge efforts. A better way of extracting the required information is to use the automated toll like ours which not only extracts the information but also exports it in CSV format. It saves time!

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Data Extractor
Data Extractor

How To Install Data extracter ?

  • Data Extractor Open Chrome Browser
  • Data Extractor Settings – icon > Tools > Extensions. (the ‘hamburger’ icon in the top-right corner)
  • Data Extractor Enable Developer Mode (toggle button in top-right corner)
  • Data Extractor Drag and drop the ‘.crx’ extension file onto the Extensions page from step (crx file should likely be in your Downloads directory)
  • Data Extractor Install And Pin And Use

(1 Year)

Data Extractor

Phone No. Scrape

Our Software Extract Mobile No. and Whatsapp Number Both.

Data Extractor

Any Business Category

You can find data any category. Like Bulk SMS,School, Shop,Hospital etc.

Data Extractor

Extract Data via Place

You cand find business data via Place name And near you.

Data Extractor

Extract All Details

You can Find All data like Number, Address Website URL, Rating and more.